sorry for ththe absence it's been really rough, but I've drawn like twice since I've been silent so here you go lol
Laban....is a very good kid, okay?
#threesocs #threesocslaban
more Laban! During the Hunter exam an old "friend" of their mom found out they were gonna be there and gave 'em hell. Snapped their prosthetic and beat them to the point of just having to drop out and recover for a while before trying again a few years later. After this their mom taught them Nen, and they eventually passed the exam with that help!
#threesocs #threesocslaban
Laban, around 14! Their first time taking the Hunter exam...they were a bit of a late bloomer, so right up until around 16 they barely looked older than 10 lolol at this time they only just got their prosthetic as well, so it's awkward and too long!
Laban's first time taking the exam was....not good. But that's a story for later ;)
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here is my new HXH OC, Laban Takoda! It took them a very long time to pass the Hunter exam, but now here they are! Their mother, an ex-blacklist Hunter, decided after their fourth attempt to teach them Nen to help them pass the test. So they're an Enhancer who uses their Nen for defense and to super power boost the gun hidden in their prosthetic. Their mother got involved in some shady business as a Hunter, and as a result Laban was taken for ransom as a child and lost an arm as leverage.
They really like loud places and loud music, PB&J sandwiches, and soda!
#threesocs #threesocslaban

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