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Proactive ageing skincare...
I’m not sure about you but one day I woke up and felt like I was looking at a different person.
I found the first 10 years of raising my children very intense and all encompassing.
I didn’t have any time for myself and it showed.
10 years flew by and when I finally had a chance to look in the mirror, it seemed like I had aged overnight.
To be honest, it was a bit of a shock 😉.
However I consider myself a very proactive person.
Over the last couple of years I have educated myself about improving the appearance of my ageing, sun damaged skin.
There are several ingredients that the experts all seem to agree on - Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C.
I am contacted by quite a lot of skincare companies and after a couple of ‘learning experiences’ I now only agree to trialling products if the company is agreeable to me giving my honest opinion and allowing me time to really see how my skin reacts to using the products.
I have been using @liveskincare skincare products (swipe to see what I have been trialling) for a while now and am really impressed.
Their products have been developed by dermatologists and contain all those ingredients that my research say make a difference - and, I think they actually do 😊.
The Retinol Regenerate Serum is probably my favourite.
Used the right way, Retinol can actually reduce lines but it can also be irritating.
Although I have sensitive skin, this product has caused no issues for me at all.
@liveskincare also have a very informative blog which I really enjoy reading and it provides ideas on how best to utilise some of their products.
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|| Wellbeing Series: Mindfulness ||
Sit 〰️and know that you are sitting.
Breathe 〰️ and know that you are breathing.
See 〰️ and know that you are seeing.
Hear 〰️ and know that you are hearing.
Smell 〰️ and know that you are smelling.
Taste 〰️ and know that you are tasting.
FEEL 〰️ and know that you are feeling.
OBSERVE 〰️ and know that you are observing. .
Lately, I’ve chosen to take my meditation practice outdoors, usually at the beach, whatever time of the day that I can free up to get there. Over the years I have typically indulged in mindful beach walking (this accounts for a lot of my beach pics - all captured in a state of mindful bliss), however now I am exploring seated mindful meditation outdoors to counterbalance my daily physical activity (yoga, gym based strength & cardio sessions, outdoor cycling). I’m consciously exploring ‘stillness’ and it’s paying dividends with my circadian rhythm (sleep) cycle. It’s always worth the effort but especially when I find myself bathing in orange glow as in this pic.
📷: This pic was taken at the end of my sunset beach meditation #nofilter #brightonbeachsa last Wednesday night at approx 8.30pm. It was Adelaide’s first real taste of the unrelenting Summer Sizzle yet to come this Christmas season 〰️ SO HOT HOT HOT 🥵 〰️ but so refreshing in the water as the sun went down 🌅. .
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|| Positive Ageing Series: Embracing The Journey ||
There is a lot to be said for confronting our own mortality and truly valuing every remaining day that we have here on the planet. ⚫️➿⚫️➿⚫️
You might observe other people either lamenting the loss of youth, the changes in their circumstances & functioning ... OR ... fully embracing each subsequent life stage & its unique positives, whilst practising the fine art of gratitude. ⚫️➿⚫️➿⚫️
I say we need to do both in this ageing journey. Let’s not view it as a rigid either/or dichotomy. Instead, allow ourselves to experience the two opposites co-existing in harmony, and at times flowing into one another.
Our truth is our truth and to pretend otherwise, would be denial. To be fully conscious within ourselves we need to know & FEEL all of our truths, including our own mortality. However, we can also shift into psychological flexibility and embrace the very life stage that we are currently in with total acceptance. .
Yes, simultaneously!
And with that, I hope you
breathe a sigh of relief as you let go of your self-judgement and mindfully step into self-compassion for being exactly where you are in life ~ RIGHT NOW!. ⚫️➿⚫️➿⚫️
For the record I am constantly journeying my way through this stuff too. Knowing how to do it doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy.
Nup! No way!
That’s the legacy of being human. 😉 #hellyeah
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|| Ageing Series: Brain Health ||

The root of all health is in the brain. The trunk of it is in emotion. The branches and leaves are the body. The flower of health blooms when all parts work together.
Kurdish Saying.

I’ve previously posted on brain health, as it tends to be a passion of mine. It’s also part of my daily conversations in the work that I do & I will continue to keep raising awareness of the importance of #brainhealth #brainbody #brainandbody #brainbodyconnection .

By the way, the best #evidencedbased Instagram accounts specifically regarding brain health (that I know of), worth following are: @womensbrains @memorymorsels @millennialbrains .

If you know of other great accounts or information hubs regarding brain health to follow (particularly those that relate to ageing) please share in a comment below.
In minds crammed with thoughts, organs clogged with toxins, and bodies stiffened with neglect, there is just no space for anything else. (Alison Rose Levy).
The capacity to change all this is in your hands.
No magic potions ... No fairy dust ... No one to push you ... No one to do it for you. Just one determined foot in front of the other. .
Wellbeing resides in your own hands AND feet ... even if you have neglected yourself for quite some time.
You’ve got this!
#healthandwellbeing #itsallinyourhands #onefootinfrontoftheother #selfempowerment
|| Ageing Series: Osteoporosis & Fractures ||
Osteoporosis was one of the main topics up for discussion at the 2018 Australasian Menopause Society Congress. ➰
Recent stats across the globe indicate an osteoporosis crisis with less than 20% of people actually receiving any treatment. It is a silent & chronic condition that weakens bones over time, making them more likely to break. Risk then doubles after the first fracture, and each subsequent fracture becomes a stronger indicator for more serious fractures plus imminent death within a few years. Why? Because people in midlife who fracture generally have poorer health, less functional capacity, less social connection with others, and each subsequent fracture then significantly exacerbates this scenario. This is known as the FRACTURE CASCADE effect.

Did you know that the stats for hip fracture patients (M & F) over the age of 50 indicate that 1 in 4 will die in the year following the fracture? Confronting, right?

It’s very common for people in the fracture cascade cycle to develop depression and to then get referred to a psychologist for support to manage the chronic health condition/s & accompanying mental health issues (in conjunction with a myriad of other treatment strategies). Hence the reason for my post. ➰
If this is you, or someone you know, don’t despair!
There are a range of primary prevention/treatment options and secondary treatment/management options (once manifested) to mitigate these outcomes and that particularly includes all women regardless of age & menopausal status (where the risk of osteoporosis is highly correlated with hormonal decline). Bottom line:
Please reach out for appropriate support via knowledgeable and skilled practitioners in this area of health in order to maintain your (or your loved one’s) quality of life and to protect your (their) future health. ➰
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Hey Midlifer’s and Beyond,
As it’s the early hours (here in Aust🇦🇺 ) of World Mental Health Day, I thought I would jump in with a contribution before I head off to the office for the day. .

The World Health Organisation defines mental health as a state of wellbeing in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.
How do you define your own mental health?
What do the people orbiting around in your life witness when you are functioning with good mental health?
What areas can you focus on to better manage your own mental health?
In most instances we are able to steer our own ship when it comes to mental health, even during times of crisis.
One of the key goals for my own mental health in midlife is to simplify things in most areas of my life (sometimes with a bit of resistance, I admit it). We owe that to ourselves for the sake of wellbeing. I’ve explored lots of ways to do this but a very relevant example is, this year at work I have steadily focussed on a smaller niche of psychology that commonly relates to the mental health & wellbeing of people in their midlife and senior years because it’s become my absolute passion (although I do still very much enjoy working with my long-term younger clients of course, no doubt about it 🙂). I hope that you can create some personal meaning for yourself out of today’s theme of World Mental Health, as well as perhaps finding a way to support others in their mental health. .
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2 months post procedure and look at the beautiful shape of Kellie’s neck! Dr Feiner is back in our skin clinic 13th October performing Facial Liposculpture. For more info or to make an appointment give our skin clinic a call on 6331 9163 #bathurst #bathurstnsw #acskin #liposculpture #facialliposculpture #neck #chin #cheeks #blephroplasty #upperarm #selfconfidence #loveyourself #loveyourappearance #proactiveageing
Proactive ageing...
My goal isn’t only to live a long life but also to live a vibrant and active life.
Ageing is inevitable but how we age is so much in our control.
Having lost my dad to a sudden heart attack when he was 47 was one of most devastating events that may ever happen to me.
However, my dad’s death prompted me to enrol in my first fitness instructor course (25 years ago now) and find my passion (and now I realise) my purpose in life.
[side note - I did also complete the aerobic instructor course and I must say I rocked a gstring fluro leotard 🤣].
Since then, I have continued to study and read extensively about how healthy living can help us age well.
More and more I believe that extremes are not the answer and that wellness, longevity and happiness can be achieved with simple but consistent movement, nutrition and mindfulness practices.
Now that I’m almost 50, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to put all my learning and research into practice, while I continue to develop my philosophies and ideas further.
It’s also great that here on Instagram we have a fabulous midlife community to help inspire each other to live the second half of our lives to the fullest.
Just love sharing this journey with you all ❤️.
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Today I celebrated my birthday. I’m that vintage that when I was really young we had black and white photos that you actually printed and placed in a photo album. They were reminders of loved ones, good times, happy days, so many wonderful memories kept in a book on the shelf but now I carry the photos with me on my phone, a daily reminder to appreciate, give thanks for and to be present as time truly does fly by. #liveauthentic #liveyourlife#happybirthdaytoyou #gratefulheart #gratitude #memoriesneverdie #proactiveageing #50plusandfabulous #lovemylife

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