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So this happened!! Got to hang out with the two gorgeous gals from @ohwellpodcast !! We talked about #momlife, #encouragement, #dreams, some funnies and of course #riseandshineapp ☀️ If you’re interested in women’s wellness topics then this is the podcast for you! 💕
Don’t be discouraged friends. Don’t give up. Keep going. Think about why the setback occurred. Is there something to still learn? Is it an opportunity for growth? Go ahead and shed some tears. Then take a deep breath with your head held high. You’ve come a long way haven’t you? You have! So rest, refocus and then get back to kick’n ass!! Your comeback is coming. 💕 Love, Dani #riseandshine☀️
The dream has a purpose! 💕☁️🌈 Its all you girl. Make it a peaceful Sunday. Love, Dani #riseandshine☀️ PhotoCred: @fabulouslyflawedwomen
It’s always nice to have a circle of praying women. Women who will intercede for you in prayer, women who have your spiritual back. If you don’t have a prayer circle you can always reach out and ask someone to be a prayer partner. I got you tonight! 🙏🏼❤️😘 Love, Dani 🌸Tag your prayer partners.
It’s looking like spring up in here! One of my favorite trees in our backyard. Warmer days and blue skies make for perfect outdoor time in the garden. Anyone else like to garden? #riseandshine☀️
Change the conversation in your head. We’re typically the ones who hold ourselves back. I’ve personally doubted myself so much but it’s time to start showing up for me! You know in your heart what you have to share and what you are capable of. Now go.... honor God with those gifts! 💕 Love, Dani #notetoself 📸PhotoCred: @christinarowe1
Se liga que tem vídeo novo no Canal Kissedani!
O tema de hoje tá muito legal! Uma super entrevista com @marcelinhotavaresrun sobre: .

CORRIDA E O DIABETES! Será que quem tem diabetes pode correr? Quais os cuidados? Tire suas dúvidas! .

Corre para ver o vídeo completo no canal #kissedani .

Esperamos vcs lá! #linknabio #seinscreva .
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Doing some app work this evening and was reviewing my Apple reports and thought I'd share a fun fact:
@riseandshine_app has been downloaded in 10 different territories around the world!! 🌎
China (mainland)
South Africa
and Singapore

Feels good to watch this baby grow. One more round of updates (THIS MONTH) and then I'm pushing her out full force. If you know of a publication, blogger/vlogger, podcast, female empowerista that I should connect with please let me know. xoxo Love, Dani 🙏🏼❤️
A apărut in viața mea din întâmplare.Am crezut ca vom fii doar prieteni,am crezut ca nu va fii persoana cu care vreau sa imi petrec tot restul vieții.Si-a dat seama de faptul ca nu il plac si a luptat,a tras si s-a straduit ca eu sa ma indragostesc de el,ca eu sa fiu alaturi de el si sa il ascult cand are nevoie. Acum dupa 299 de zile sunt dispusa sa aflu orice despre el si sa il iubesc. De cand m-am îndrăgostit viata mea a prins culoare.Atunci cand ma ține de mână uit de toate problemele,când ma sărută ma simt foarte norocoasa pentru ca ma simt linistita,iar cand il aud cum imi vorbeste imi doresc din ce in ce mai mult sa imi petrec tot timpul meu liber cu el. Îl iubesc din tot sufletul meu si nu vreau sa privesc acea parte "neagra" a vietii cum ca el nu va fii alaturi de mine toata viața.♥️#LoveDani
Realize how precious life is... how precious Your life is and that of your loved ones. Everyday IS a gift so let’s make the most of today. ☀️ Let us find peace, forgiveness, love, mercy, grace and joy. Have an amazing week friends. 💕 Love, Dani
This requires, love, trust, faith and patience. So much peace when you know the Prince of Peace. Have a blessed Sunday friends. I’m looking forward to family day, what are you looking forward to today? 🙏🏼❤️😘 Love, Dani 📸PhotoCred: @daughterssofthekingg
Uma das coisas mais difíceis de aceitar é o envelhecimento! Sabemos que isso vai acontecer, mas queremos evitar, queremos ficar jovens para sempre. Mas tem coisas que nenhum creme, ou procedimento consegue esconder, nossa evolução interna, nosso conhecimento, vivência, experiência. .
As mudanças externas acontecem, cada um sabe como era, como está ficando e o que mudou. .
Eu mudei muito, não precisava me preocupar com dieta, era magra de ruim mesmo! Mas depois do 30, tudo mudou, o metabolismo agora eh outro! A celulite veio com tudo! .
E teria duas opções, me conformar com as mudanças e ok! Ou lutar, correr, comer bem... Escolhi a segunda opção! .
Hoje tenho que manter uma rotina de atividades físicas e alimentação saudável, senão? Já era!
Encontrei na corrida uma paixão! Correr me faz bem, me faz sorrir, encontrar amigos, e o meu corpo agradece!
Não importa o que as pessoas acham, corpo perfeito eh aquele que quando vc se olha no espelho fica feliz! Só isso! Nada eh fácil, nem todos os dias tenho disposição, animação para correr, mas se eu não fizer por mim, quem vai fazer?
Há tempo de mudar! .

#inspirese #vemcomigo #vocequervocepode #kissedani #dicakissedani #bomsabado #proces #daniemforma #lovedani #mood #oquetemprahoje #acredite #motivation .
She said “Yeah Spring Break!” And crashed!! Love our Dani girl!!❤️ #ThatFace #LoveDani #GodGift
Happy International Women’s Day from @riseandshine_app . Remember you were created by the Creator for a Purpose. Celebrate that! 💕 Love, Dani. Thank you @janaylampkin for the inspo!! 😘
International Women’s Day. An opportunity for all of us to pause and acknowledge the great women in this world and in our personal lives. I am lucky that my life is enriched by so many incredible women - many of whom probably don’t realize how special, impactful and courageous they truly are. So today I am reaching out to as many of those heroines as I can to tell them I appreciate them and to thank them for being in my world. I challenge you to do the same. 🙏
As our society continues to learn the true value of women, I am hopeful that glass ceilings, inequalities and degradation often facing women will be historical issues my grandchildren read in history books. The strides we are making are due to the brave women who have fought before us and who stand with us today. ♥️
Raising 3 little girls to become strong, independent women is not easy in our world. The subtle undertones of sexism exist. As do overt sexist innuendos and restrictions. This is still happening, everyday and everywhere from the playgrounds to the schools to the world around them.
So today, I am choosing to celebrate the women in my life - to thank them and cheer them on. And I’ll share this with our girls, showing them that a world of kindness, gratitude and kickass women is THEIR world.
#internationalwomensday #women #trailblazers #gratefultohavegirls #nomoresexism #nomoreglassceilings #historyofwomen #thankyoutotjosewhowalkedbeforeus #womenrock #fearlessmotiondance #lovedani #christywatsonhomes #shantietoolsie #sherriepasko #circleofsisters #gratitude
Repeat after me.... My past behind me like a ponytail. 👸🏻 Girl, let that shit go! The best thing you can do is forgive yourself for not knowing better. Now you do and you’re not going to let that BS happen again. Keep moving forward into your destiny. 💕 Love, Dani #riseandshineapp PhotoCred: @letshealme
If you have hope... you have it all. Keep taking steps, keep believing, stay in faith and keep hoping. “It” will come to pass. 💕 Love, Dani
Video bomb 😂😂😂❤️ @danielarosenovahristova @poppy_pao
#lovedani #lovepole #poletraining #spinning #girlpower #fun #laughing
Check your thoughts, attitude and heart. The fact you’ve woken up today is a blessing! Be grateful and make the most of this gorgeous day. 💕 Love, Dani ##riseandshineapp
Rest, play, and prepare today and walk into this week knowing You Got This! 💕Love, Dani #riseandshineapp PhotoCred: @fiercegirlco
Why not you? Why not now? You are ready! You’ve been ready. This month say yes to new people and new opportunities, say yes to YOURSELF! You totally got this. 💕 Love, Dani
March forth into your destiny girl! My prayer for YOU this month is that you come closer to finding your God given purpose, that you be moved in the direction of your destiny and that people, places and things be blessed by you... you have favor written all over you! 💕Love, Dani
You’ve got what it takes to fulfill that dream in your heart! That’s why it’s your dream. You’ve got the heart, the desire, and you’re the only one who can do it just like you. Stop holding yourself back and take the first step! 💕 Love, Dani. 📸 PhotoCred: @dadsonpowermode
Passando para te mandar boas energias para essa quarta-feira!
Não desista dos seus sonhos! Trace metas, acredite, você pode muito mais que imagina!
Vamos agradecer mais e reclamar menos! .
#lovedani #kissedani #goodvibes #mood #diasmelhoresvirao .
#lookdodia #quimono #maislindo @uvlineoficial
#foto @kamylabreu #💚
Imagine a world where everyone was encouraged to be their best. Imagine the achievements and discoveries that would be made. Start with your family, then your friends, maybe a co-worker or even a stranger on the street. Just imagine. ☀️ Love, Dani 💕
Your body is a temple! Move like you love it. Eat like you love it. Sleep like you love it. We only get one body, one brain, one set of organs...so why is it so difficult to take care of ourselves? Im going to do better starting today! I’ve filled my water jug and started my 17 day detox! Clean eats, no sugars or processed foods. I am totally worth it! 🙏🏼❤️💪🏼 Love, Dani
Do you know how powerful your words are? Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble." -Huffpost 2014 💕With @riseandshine_app You will be uplifted everyday and encouraged to live YOUR best life. 💕 Available in the App Store. Download yours today! 📲
Don't give up. We all make mistakes, we all have moods we're not proud of. Check yourself when you recognize these moments. Pause; Take a deep breath and realize there may be a better way to express your emotions. Healing is a process. Honor yourself and step forward in a new direction. Thank you @mywings.lifecoach for today's inspo. #riseandshine☀️
You’ve had the power all along my dear. Use it! 💕💕 #riseandshine☀️ PhotoCred: @powerofpositivity 😘
Just spent four wonderful days with my family at the @redwoodsinyosemite and we had a blast! Our cabin was perfect and cozy. Mother Nature is simply stunning. Making memories that will last a lifetime! If you don’t have family you can travel with then gather a group of friends and explore! There’s so much to see. 🌎 Love, Dani
Spending the day sightseeing in Yosemite! What a gorgeous day! #riseandshine☀️
Doing a little bit of exploring today! Watching the snow fall is simply beautiful.
Change your mindset to Best Case Scenarios!! Let's start asking ourselves what's the best that can happen to me in my work, my finances, my relationships, my health, then go out AND work for it!
Best case all day long! Believe in it. 💗Love, Dani
So excited to announce a collaboration with @loveencouraging to bring you beautiful words that inspire and motivate you into your greatness! 💕 You Will now see @loveencouraging inside the @riseandshine_app !! Please show her some love and also follow her amazing page! When women help each other grow, the whole world changes. 🌸 #RiseANDShineApp
Love creating lil vignettes around the house. Pretty little scenes that make me smile. Flowers and candles are always a favorite. 🖤 Find a small space, give it some love with any decore you have on hand and watch the room come to life.
Yesterday I couldn’t see this hill at all due to blowing snow and whiteout conditions (see second photo!), but today, it’s sunny and clear and there’s so much beauty around!

I turned this cutie into a sticker and I think I’ll pop one into every outgoing order as a freebie for a while. Tell me something you find beauty in - maybe I’ll send you one for free, too! 💖

#thereisbeautyineverything #findthebeauty #stickerlove #lovedani
It’s the weekend babes and the start of ski week! Seems like the kids were just out of school, yet here we are again with another weeklong vacation! 💕 Looking forward to family time in Yosemite. Anyone else on break? Have a fabulous Friday. Love, Dani 📸 PhotoCred: @fiercegirlco
Love is the answer! Who cares what the question is. Wishing you a day filled with God’s love, your own personal self-love, love in friendships and romantic love. Whatever you are seeking is seeking you! Have a blessed day friends. 💗 #RiseANDShineApp
Quem nunca mordeu a medalha?
Amores, kisslovers eh hoje! Tem VLOG do @xterrabrazil, do último domingo, no canal Kissedani!! .

Corrida, obstáculos, perrengue, eu descabelada, morta mas feliz... .
E uma entrevista com o @rapha_valverde vencedor dos 21 km Trail Run @xterrabrazil Costa Verde 2019! Super dicas dessa fera!!
Vamos que vamos! Esperamos vocês agora no Canal Kissedani! Ahh se inscreva lá! Trilhões de beijos 😚 .

#xterracostaverde #xterraoffroad #xterranation #xterra #corrida #trailrun #21km #raphaelvalverde #guerreiroxterra #vempratrilha #trailrunning #endurence #offroad #paradise #lovedani #asicsfrontrunner #asicsfrontrunner2019 #edicao @marinaziehe #✨
The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home. 🏡
Was feeling a bit anxious today as I didn’t get any app work done. We have a bug somewhere in Android, I have a ton of content to upload and a list of Bloggers and Influencers to reach out to and I got stuck on errands all morning. Before you know it it was time for school pick-up, afternoon lunches, dinner prep and I have yet to open my laptop.
I had to remind myself that what’s mine is mine. I don’t need to stress, rush, or work non-stop to achieve my goals. That’s not what God has intended for us. 💕 So I tended to my home , saved a few articles for nighttime reading, I’ll try and get some emails out tonight, learning to prioritize my rest and jump back in tomorrow. I saw this quote and thought it was a great reminder. 🙏🏼 📸PhotoCred: @the_stable_few
Realize how deeply loved you are by the creator. His loves endures forever! 💕 And YOU my friend are beautiful and magical and one of a kind! Always remember that. Keep letting your love and your light shine. Happy Galentine’s Day! Love, Dani 📸 PhotoCred: @startupsisters.usa
Everyday is a new day to begin again. Whatever happened yesterday is done....Make amends, make peace and begin again. 💕 Love, Dani 📸 PhotoCred: @loveencouraging
Because she’s always watching me.....💕 I want to be better everyday; even in the little things. She admires me, but I’m admiring her! She tries new things, she’s performed on stage, she challenges herself in sports, excels in school and I don’t even think she realizes how in awe I am of her. I have three children and they have all challenged me and inspired me in their own ways with their unique set of gifts...as I help them become the best they can be, they’re really helping me to be the best I can be. 💕 Take a moment today to thank someone who has inspired you. Appreciation goes a long way and can really lift someone’s spirit. ☀️ #RiseANDShineApp
Isn’t it though? If you think about it...there is always something or someone that could put a smile on your face and in your heart...or maybe it’s you to put a smile on someone else’s face?💗 Have a blessed day! Love, Dani 📸 PhotoCred: @myavonmusings
Here sis, lemme get that for you! 🙏🏼💕#riseandshine☀️ 📸 PhotoCred: @bargermom06
Happy Friday friends! It’s going to be a wet one here in Cali this weekend. I’ll be mostly indoors staying warm. What are your favorite ways to rest and recharge? 💕 📸 PhotoCred: @faithcoffeeandjournal
🔎🌞 #beach #whereareyousun #lovedani
Winter vacation is almost here! Looking forward to our cabin at @redwoodsinyosemite It will be my parents first time in Yosemite. ❄️⛄️ #snowfight 📸 PhotoCred: @4blankwalls
Your words reveal your heart. The things you say and how you say them expose and unveil the condition and attitudes of your heart. Be mindful of of what you say to yourself and others. Here are a few things you can do to #speaklife :
1. Be slow to speak
2. Give praise - compliment another person
3. Practice saying out loud the things you are grateful for
4. Pray - Prayer shapes your thoughts, mood and conversations
5. Be an encourager 💕 Love, Dani 📸 PhotoCred: @hertrueworth
“Não tente adivinhar o que as pessoas pensam ao seu respeito. Faça sua parte, se doe sem medo, o que importa mesmo é o que você é”. .

Mahatma Gandhi

Às vezes fico pensando para que estamos nas redes sociais, será que é só para mostrar beleza, felicidade, vida perfeita? Ou podemos usar essa importante ferramenta de comunicação para compartilharmos bons conteúdos, conhecimento, experiências, boas histórias, vida real e reflexão? .
Vamos aproveitar esse espaço para crescermos? Que tal juntos? Me mande dicas e sugestões de pautas para o Canal #kissedani e para o Blog Esporte & Saúde! Vou atrás para vocês!
Obrigada por estar aqui! Juntos somos mais fortes! Beijão na minha família virtual! #lovedani #boaquarta #wenesday #goodvibesonly #mood #ootd #love .
#look Macacão Selvagem @uvlineoficial
#japamala @usemaiszen ✨
#📸 @adszphoto
Start believing! 🙏🏼💕 Love, Dani 📸 PhotoCred: @wifecoach
Pursue what makes your soul shine! What are you most looking forward to this week? #riseandshine☀️
Sunday reminder! Make it a great week and save this reminder. 💕##RiseANDShineApp 📸 PhotoCred: @ngroblewski
I loved this part this were the start of vid just loved how jen just flicked her hair liek a sass queen xx @daniellecohn @jen_arch_ @lindaarch02 #perfect #momgoals #lovedani #danicohn hnqueen #lovelife
Look at this Queen
#dani #danicohn #lovedani #Queen #loveher #danixmikey
Was listening to a meditation on #gratitude last night and my quote for the day was this....Gratitude Changes EVERYTHING! Have a blessed and fun weekend friends. 💕Love, Dani
There is so much beauty around you. Take a moment to see it, feel it and appreciate it. You are surrounded by love. 💕Love, Dani 📸PhotoCred: @just.beachy.quotes
Happy Friday! Anyone else feel like this week has been a whirlwind? Whew! I’m ready for a nap! ♥️ What do you all have planned for the weekend? I’ll be at a weekend getaway with some of my favorite crafty girls - looking forward to it! #flowerfriday #lovedani

#fridayflowers #weekendvibes #weekend
Piscininha, amor! .

#sextou #piscinou #lovedani #goodvibes #piscininhaamor .

Ocean air, don’t care! Why do crashing waves sound like perfection (see story)? #RiseANDShineApp
Saying yes to more adventures this year! Yes to what fuels my soul. Yes to deepening relationships and yes to more fun!! And I hope you do the same. 💕Love, Dani 📸PhotoCred: @jules.abbott
♡♡Besh she clearly dunt care about ur opinion sweetheart♡♡ @daniellecohn @jen_arch_ @lindaarch02 @mikeytua #bitch #emojis #lovedani #amazing #danicohn #shesstrong #ilovedanicohn #daniisthebest #danisupporter #yays #gogirl #yayeet
Spent a gorgeous morning with a beautiful friend. It felt so good to get outdoors. It had been so cold... not cold cold, but Cali cold, but we finally made it! Love being in nature, it has a way of making everything better. 🌿
Uma Deusa 🌺 na sua timeline!
Amamos @danichristoffer ☀️
#Repost @danichristoffer
Não seja o de hoje.
Não suspires por ontens....
Não queiras ser o de amanhã.
Faze-te sem limites no tempo.
Cecília Meireles .
#lookdodia @carollecarsoli #🌼 #verao2019 #mood #ootd #vivaintensamente #facavalerapena #lovedani #✨ 👙 @carollecarsoli 📸 @karinschaly 💄 @claudiacarvalho.beleza ☀️ @by_dussol
Não seja o de hoje.
Não suspires por ontens....
Não queiras ser o de amanhã.
Faze-te sem limites no tempo.
Cecília Meireles .
#lookdodia @carollecarsoli #🌼 #verao2019 #mood #ootd #vivaintensamente #facavalerapena #lovedani #✨ 👙 @carollecarsoli 📸 @karinschaly 💄 @claudiacarvalho.beleza ☀️ @by_dussol #cupomdedesconto #kissedani #15%

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